Have you ever felt truly at home and completely present? Felt that this is it, this is my place, this is where I feel welcomed, loved and cherished? I feel that every morning, when he captures my gaze as I open the gate to his paddock. This feeling overcomes me as the silence is palpable, when I ask and he invites me into his space, an emotional earthquake. The connection is strong yet delicate, all at the same time. The freedom you feel when you get to be a part of something much bigger, touched so gently it makes you cry, it isn't found often.

Through our many years together we have tried many training techniques, and the moment I let go and stepped into his world, we synced, all of a sudden everything became so easy and natural. The day we met we connected. Malik communicates and I listen. Malik has tremendous heart and a hypersensitive soul. He thrives on being able to be himself, he puts huge amounts of trust in his human and in doing that he gives his all. The kinship with an animal is a beautiful thing, something that must be experienced to be understood. Every day is a gift, he exudes being in the moment and every second is a new journey we take together!

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Microcirculation Session

 Sessions with this blanket and cuff typically last from 15-30 minutes, depending on the need of your equine athlete.

Assist with your horse’s performance and supports vitalization, regeneration, and recovery.


You can either purchase individual sessions, or save money by purchasing a package. 


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